What is an original watercolour ketubah?

If you order an original watercolour, what you get is a piece of art that is 100% hand painted aside from the text, which is printed on 300gsm archival paper. Once the text is printed, the piece is then painted and gold/silver leaf (where relevant) is added. Watercolour paintings differ slightly from the original designs on etsy as they are done entirely anew and are not traced. I also happily accept colour palette changes - so if you like a design but would like to switch out a colour flower - for example, you are welcome to.

Watercolour prices vary according to design complexity. You can see the pricing for each individual piece by viewing the etsy listing and clicking the drop-down on the right.

What is a print?

Most of the designs in my collection are available as prints. This means that the original piece that I painted with watercolour is professionally scanned at an art gallery at the highest possible quality. Once scanned, I sit with them and we edit the image together to ensure that it'll print identically to the original. We do multiple adjustments and test prints until the piece is perfect. When you order a print, your text is added to the existing design and the whole thing is printed onto 300gsm fine art paper and any gold or silver leaf is added by hand by myself afterward.

Print prices are divided up into gold leaf vs. non gold leaf designs. You can see all of these options over at my etsy. The pricing on the main page is for the smaller ketubot (14x14). Recommended sizing and pricing can be found on the drop-down on the right.