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Match your wedding stationery to your ketubah

If you are dreaming of a seamless theme across all of your wedding art - from your Ketubah to your invites, I am here to help. There are many ways to include your ketubah design in all aspects of your wedding:
Benchers, Invitations, placeards etc.
All of my collection designs are available as fine-art prints, and I can provide a high quality file in which ever size you need in order to design your invitations. Though not a graphic designer myself, I can work with a stationery designer of your choice to create a beautiful coordinated design. Please note that designs that rely heavily on gold or silver leaf will be incomplete in their digital format. The price of the HD image is 500NIS (Approx 155USD) and can be provided in any format you need, to use across all of your stationery. 

Gifts for parents and other valued love ones.
All of my collection designs are available as smaller pieces where we can use any text that resonates with you. You can view the home blessings here, and they can all be personalised with names/a text entirely of your own. These make meaningful and unique gifts for the ones you love to remind them of your special day and the love you share. 

Custom ketubahs
If you're looking for a unique ketubah created with your vision, we can also turn this into a usable HD digital file! I scan the piece with a professional art gallery, clean it up on photoshop and send over the file for your use. This process costs 1000NIS (Approx 300USD) and requires that we work as far in advance of your wedding as possible to allow for time to paint the ketubah and then scan and create the digital version.

Have something else in mind? drop me an email any time!

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