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  • What is the difference between a print and a watercolour?
    I have dedicated an entire page on my website to this question, check it out here.
  • How much do your Ketubahs cost?
    My standard size gold leaf prints are all 1350 Shekel and non-gold leaf are 1000 Shekels. I also offer smaller ketubot for 1150 and 800 Shekels. This price includes express international shipping from Israel. Click here for information for locals. Watercolour prices vary according to complexity of the artwork – you can see the specific pricing by clicking the individual listing on etsy and clicking the drop-down menu. Prices for original watercolour paintings start from approximately 2800 Shekel. Click here for my etsy shop.
  • How long does shipping take and how much does it cost?
    I ship FedEx express worldwide which is included in the price of Ketubahs on etsy. For the USA, it takes roughly 2-5 working days to arrive door-to-door. Once the art has left my studio, responsibility transfers to the courier. If the art arrives much later than it’s due or damaged, we will work together to talk to the courier. Unfortunately, I cannot arrange for local collecton for international orders (a relative etc.) that were made on etsy (local tax purposes). If you'd like to collect from my studio, the order must be placed off etsy as if you are a local. For locals - the pricing on the local info pages does not include shipping. I highly recommend collecting from my Tel Aviv studio as I also have framing options which are not available for shipping! If you'd like me to ship your unframed piece within Israel, i can do so for 100NIS.
  • Which texts do you use?
    I offer a range of texts from liberal to orthodox. These can all be found here. I strongly recommend you speak to your Rabbi first before picking a text and sending in your online form. If you are located in Israel, click here to read about the ketubah process.
  • Can I have a custom text?
    You can indeed! I will need you to send the full custom text via email in an editable format (not an image) in all languages necessary.
  • Do you translate from English to Hebrew?
    I do speak hebrew, however I am not a translator. I can definitely help you find professional translation services.
  • How far in advance should I order?
    As soon as you’re ready! It’s never too early to tick a big project off your wedding list. The absolute minimum time I like for prints outside of Israel is 4 weeks and 6 for watercolour. Any less I MAY be able to accommodate (drop me an email), but have to charge a rush fee. Again, these are MINIMUM and I absolutely prefer to have more! So, if you can submit your order 2-3 months in advance, we will have a breezy non-stressful time getting your special piece ready and shipped.
  • Can I change colours/design in a print?
    Unfortunately as the prints are direct replicas of my original watercolour artwork, I am unable to change the colours or format.
  • What can I change with an original watercolour piece?
    Most things! If the changes don’t require much additional test painting – I am happy to include it in the watercolour cost. If the piece requires some indepth test painting prior, I will add design edits to the cost. Email me with your vision and we will discuss!
  • Can we do an entirely custom piece?
    Yes absolutely! If the piece is not based on one of my existing designs, we can start entirely from scratch. Please enable 3+ months for this process, though it usually takes much less. Entirely custom pieces start from 4000NIS (I price in shekels on etsy and it converts it automatically to your local currency).
  • What paper do you use?
    I use 100% cotton, acid-free, 300gsm, hot-press (smooth though slightly textured) white paper for both my original and print ketubahs. They are both, however, different paper types - one being made especially for printing and the other for traditional art (it's all about the manufacturing process and how the paper absorbs certain materials). Fabriano Artistico, which I use for my watercolour artwork, I import from the UK who get it directly from the Italian papermill. The print paper is Canson, another incredibly established paper supplier. The quality of both of these paper types means this is a piece of art that should withstand the test of time! All my art supplies are cruelty-free with no animal ingredients (from my paper to my paint and brushes!).
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