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Rachelle Tchiprout

About m


Hi everyone, I'm Rachelle.              

My name is pronounced Raa-Shell Chip-Root


Where am I from?

I grew up in London, England, surrounded by my 5 beautiful sisters, English mother, Israeli father, and plenty of dogs.


At highschool, I spent all my spare time in the art department, listening to musicals and covered in paint!


Alongside my love for art was my love for Israel. As a dual national Israeli-Brit living in a completely non-jewish community, my connection to Israel was always strong, and a yearning to make Aliyah grew as I did.

My life changed course when my Aliyah dream became a reality, and I packed my bags and joined the IDF at 18 years old. Since then, I have completed two social sciences university degrees - but always, always had art on my mind. When a friend asked me to paint her Ketubah - I knew my life would never be the same again.


Where do I live now?

I currently live in sunny Tel Aviv with my husband Elan and our adopted pup Orlo, and work out of my awesome art studio on Allenby street. 


Painting Ketubahs and Judaica enables me to combine secular art and design with beautiful Jewish tradition. I am inspired by Israel, by it's versatile nature and vibrant culture, and enjoy incorporating this inspiration into my work. I hope that my artwork can bring colour and happiness into Jewish and interfaith homes everywhere. 

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