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Rachelle Tchiprout

About m


I grew up in London, surrounded by my 5 beautiful sisters, English mother, very Israeli father, and plenty of dogs.


At highschool, I spent all my spare time in the art department, headphones in and covered in paint!


Alongside my love for art was my love for Israel. As a dual national Israeli-Brit living in a completely non-jewish community, my connection to Israel was always strong, and a yearning to make Aliyah became more and more concrete.

My life then changed course when my Aliyah dream became a reality, and I packed my bags and joined the IDF at 18 years old. Since then, I have completed two social sciences degrees - but always, always had art on my mind. When a friend asked me to paint her Ketubah - I knew my life would never be the same again. 

Painting Ketubahs and Judaica enables me to combine secular art and design with beautiful Jewish tradition. I am inspired by Israel, by it's versatile nature and vibrant culture, and enjoy incorporating this inspiration into my work. I hope that my artwork can bring colour and happiness into Jewish and interfaith homes everywhere.