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Here you will find the ketubah texts available, and information on how to pick and purchase your ketubah.

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Ketubah Texts

I offer a range of Ketubah texts to suit each individual couple's needs. If you would like to write your own text - you are also welcome! Please run your chosen text by your Rabbi if necessary.

Conservative Texts

1. Rabbi Gordon Tucker (Egalitarian)

2. Rabbinical Assembly, Lieberman Clause (Aramaic)

Liberal Texts

1. Commitment Text 1

2. Commitment Text 2 

Orthodox Texts

1. Rabbinical Council of America (Aramaic)

Interfaith Text

1. Interfaith Text

Custom Texts

Custom texts can add unique personalisation to your Ketubah. Texts must be provided in full in all languages you want for your piece - and cost no extra for me to use! Please read information about custom texts on the ketubah texts PDF (link above).

Humanistic Texts

1. Secular Humanistic Text 1

2. Secular Humanistic Text 2 

All texts are adaptable to same-sex

When will I receive my Ketubah?

Each piece takes time, with attention to detail every step of the way to ensure the highest quality final piece. If you need your Ketubah sooner than the following minimum requirements - I may still be able to accommodate! It is never too early to order your ketubah.

**There is a 150NIS rush fee for ketubahs outside of israel within the below timeframes. 

  1. Giclee prints: 5 weeks 

  2. Hand-painted designs from the collection: 9 weeks 

  3. Custom designs: 10 weeks

Picking up the Ketubah/Judaica from my Tel Aviv studio? contact me for an etsy coupon for 100 shekels off ketubot and 50 shekels off home blessings.


Fill out your online Order Form

With any order please submit your online order form when you purchase on etsy:


Ketubah Options

To purchase any of my ketubah designs, please read the information below.

Limited Edition Prints

Most of the designs in the collection are available as prints. Please select this option in the order form and purchase the relevant listing on etsy. Prices range from 800 (small non-gold leaf print) to 1350NIS (large with gold leaf). Express international shipping is included in this price.

Hand-Painted From the Collection

Select any design from the collection, purchase the etsy listing and submit your order form online. Each painting is hand-drawn, not traced or stencilled - so are each are unique and differ slightly from the original. I am also able to take slight colour palette changes if you have something in mind! Hand-painted designs start at 2450NIS (Shekels). Express international shipping is included in this price.

Custom Watercolour Designs

For custom designs, uniquely created with your vision in mind, please email me at thedelicatebrush@gmail.com to bring this vision to life. For more information, click here. Custom designs start at 4000NIS. Express international shipping is included in this price.

How can I purchase my Ketubah?

I do all of my international transactions through Etsy, where I can accept a large range of payment options -it's easy to use and enables you to track and manage your order! If you are based in Israel, please contact me via email to arrange local payment. Once you have submitted your order form and purchased the ketubah - we can get started. In the meantime, you are welcome to browse my Etsy store, which contains all of the designs you can see in the collection



Other Judaica Artwork 

Any of the Ketubah designs in the collection - or completely custom-made designs - can be made into additional Judaica artwork.


From prayers such as the Sh'ma to the Eshet Chayil and gifts for newborns and bnei mitzvah, feel free to email me and let me know exactly what kind of personalised gift you are looking for. 

View current home blessing designs here.