Custom Designs

Alongside the designs you see in the collection, I also work directly with couples to create a custom Ketubah that is personal and unique. If you are interested in a custom design, feel free to email me to get the process started. Some custom pieces use my existing ketubot as a base, and others start from scratch. 

For custom designs, I require a minimum of 10 weeks prior to the wedding. Any less may still be possible, with an additional rush fee. Custom Ketubahs start from 4000NIS.

All custom designs are original watercolour paintings, none of the below are available as prints as they were custom painted to order.

How does the process work?

1. The best place to start is for you to email me with a wide range of images that inspire you/you’d like to see elements incorporated into the design. If you’d like to make a Pinterest board or google drive sometimes people find that a bit easier. My email address is

2. It’s also useful for me if there are any of my existing designs that you like the format of, such as those where the text is circular in the middle, or the longer rectangular designs with rectangle texts etc. This helps me build up an idea of how to format your piece. 

3. At the same time you can start working on your order form on my website. This pertains to the text itself, and will enable me to write it for you.

4. Once you’ve sent over some images and I can get a sense of how the design can fit together I’ll be able to give you a proper quote. My custom ketubahs start at 4000NIS including express shipping worldwide. You can then purchase on Etsy and we are good to go! 

5. I’ll then put together some design sketches so we can start mapping out the format. Once you’re happy with those, I may also create some mini paintings if we want to test some colours too! 

6. Once I receive your order form and we know how the piece will be formatted I can then start on the text formatting. I’ll send over a mock-up of your text for you and your rabbi to review until it’s good to print.

7. Once the design is agreed upon and the text confirmed, I print the text on fabriano 300gsm archival paper and the painting begins and the piece is shipped your way!