Custom Designs

Alongside the designs you see in the collection, I also work directly with couples to create a custom Ketubah that is personal and unique. If you are interested in a custom design, feel free to email me to get the process started. Some custom pieces use my existing ketubot as a base, and others start from scratch. For the first step, I skype with or speak on the phone with you and your partner, and discuss and then fine tune the visions you have. From there, I create a mockup with painted design elements and colour palettes. Once the size and design is agreed - the piece is painted and shipped. 

For custom designs, I require a minimum of 10 weeks prior to the wedding. Any less may still be possible, with an additional rush fee. Custom Ketubahs start from 4000NIS.

All custom designs are original watercolour paintings, none of the below are available as prints as they were custom painted to order.

Custom version of "Lagoon" Ketubah (dubbed "Midnight Lagoon") **now in the collection!**

Custom version of "Autumn Splendor" featuring different flowers and colours 

Custom versions of "Nature's Gift". Original left, custom versions middle and right

Custom version of "Tree-of-Life" - adding personalized floral embellishment around the entire border

Custom olive wreath ketubah to match the olive wedding theme

Custom peony ketubah with gold leaf detail

Custom Jerusalem ketubah for a Jerusalem wedding

Custom florals with gold leaf

Custom blue peonies with gold leaf