On this page you will find information about the order process, designs, framing and pricing for couples based in Israel. 

מידע בעברית כאן


View more ketubah photos and the process behind creating them over on instagram.

Sizes are in inches and pricing in shekels.


Ketubah types

My ketubahs are divided into three categories (excluding frame and shipping). Please read all information carefully!

1. Fine-art print (printed copy of an original watercolor painting). Prices range from 700-1400 NIS, and many of the designs are embellished with high quality gold / silver metallic leaf which is added by hand in my studio. To guarantee your ketubah will be ready with time to spare, I require a minimum of a month’s notice prior to the wedding (you can order many months before - best not to wait!). Less than a month may still be possible, please get in touch (a rush fee of 150NIS will be added to the ketubah price to push your order up the queue). 


2. Original watercolor painting from the collection. Once you select any design you can see in my existing collection, the whole design is painted entirely from scratch. Slight colour changes are included in the price, and each painted piece looks different, creating something truly unique. Prices range from 2100 to 3900 NIS, depending on the complexity of the design. An original painting must be ordered at least a month and a half in advance (less than a month and a half - I may be able to fulfil the order, but there will be a rush fee of 150NIS).


3. Custom ketubahs - this is where you and I design your dream ketubah together! You can see examples here and read all about this unique process. The price of an original ketubah starts at NIS 4500, and must be ordered at least two months in advance.

Click here to read about the differences between prints and paintings.

How does it work?

1. The first step is to get your ketubah text from the organization you're marrying with (tzohar, rabbinate etc.) select a design and decide whether you want a print or painting (or custom!) and email me at Then, the order can be officially placed via bank transfer or bit (I am able to provide an official receipt). As each piece is customised to the couples requirements, I take full payment upfront prior to working on your ketubah.


To read about how to submit your ketubah text, click here:


2. After everything is confirmed, the ketubah is printed (or painted) in my studio on Allenby, Tel Aviv. I recommend collection from my studio as it is safer for the artwork, but door-to-door courier can be arranged for 100NIS should this not be an option.


I am now excited to offer custom-made framing options in my studio that can be pre-ordered when you place your ketubah order! These frames are incredibly high quality, and the back pops out so you can remove your ketubah at the ceremony to sign it, and then put it back in to be protected and displayed. Please note that art sizes are accurate +- 1/2 inch to fit perfectly in the frames.

14" wood/white frames: 180NIS

18" wood/white frames: 250NIS

When you place your order, please indicate if you'd like to purchase a frame too.