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View more ketubah photos and the process behind creating them over on instagram.

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Sizes are in the shop are in inches and pricing in Israeli shekels


For weddings taking place in Israel

Ketubahs in Israe

ordering your ketuba

Ketubah types

There are three types of ketubahs you can order.


Pricing for each of my collection designs can be found in the online shop here, when you click the drop-down for each design.

1. Prints from the collection: these are fine-art print reproductions of my original paintings, many with metallic leaf applied by hand.

2. Paintings from the collection: these are newly hand-painted pieces from my collection of designs.

3. Custom designs: These are completely unique designs, tailored to your vision. You can read about the process and pricing here, as it works a little differently.

Click here to read about the differences between prints and paintings.

The minimum time-frame for ordering your ketubah is:

  1. Fine-art prints: 4 weeks 

  2. Hand-painted designs from the collection: 6 weeks 

  3. Custom designs: 8 weeks

If you are ordering one of the above in less time, please get in touch as I may be able to accommodate. Rush orders incur an additional 200NIS fee (300 for custom). Please order as far in advance of your wedding as possible - for your peace of mind and mine!

How does it work?

1. The first step is to get your ketubah text from the organization you're marrying with (tzohar, rabbinate etc.) select a design and decide whether you want a print or painting (or custom!), with or without a frame (see below) and submit your order form here.

You can then place your order here on my website. As each piece is customised to the couples requirements, I take full payment upfront prior to working on your ketubah.


To read about how to submit your ketubah text, click here.


2. After everything is confirmed, the ketubah is printed, or painted, in my studio on Allenby, Tel Aviv. I recommend collection from my studio as it is safer for the artwork, but door-to-door courier for unframed ketubahs can be arranged for 100NIS should this not be an option.

ketubah text israel


I also offer two custom-made framing options in my studio that can be pre-ordered when you place your ketubah order!

These frames are locally-made and high quality, and the back can be removed so you can extract your ketubah at the ceremony to sign it, and then put it back in to be protected and displayed. Framed ketubahs are available for Tel Aviv collection only, and come with thick reusable canvas bags for ease of transportation. You can find the frame options here and add one to your cart.

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