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Marrying through the Rabbinate


Once you have officially registered your wedding with the Rabbinate, you can request your ketubah text. I recommend requesting it both from the rabbi who is officiating, and the Rabbinate office who you registered with. There are many different texts depending on ashkenazi, sefardi and nuanced differences/preferences per Rabbinate office/rabbi which is why this is not something I am able to do on your behalf. I need the text filled-in with your wedding information as a WORD DOCUMENT, where I can copy and paste it into the design. If they won’t give it to you and only provide you a photo of a written copy (sometimes happens!), you can use one of the below templates to type it up into a word document. Please read over it very carefully to ensure it matches what the rabbinate provided you. Only once you have this document can we get started - and you can attach your ketubah word document to your order form here.


The below documents can help to expedite the process of typing up the ketubah, please pick the one that seems closest to what you have been given and use it:





Marrying through Tzohar


The process with Tzohar is super easy - once you have had your meeting and submitted all of the documentation Tzohar requires, we can get your text. I am in touch directly with the rabbi in charge of ketubahs at Tzohar. You simply provide me with your names and wedding date when you place the order and I will contact Tzohar for your ketubah text. Again, this can only be done after you have met with them. Once I receive the text, the design is formatted and sent to both you and Tzohar to confirm. 


Marrying through another organisation/ non-religious


You may provide me with any Ketubah text you like! The best place to start is to ask your rabbi/officiant. I have a range on my website that I use for international orders, and you can also find many options online. Please provide it to me as a word document in your opening email. There is no specific word limit, as the text can be adjusted in size. You can get a rough idea of ketubah text lengths from the texts I offer on my website. 

Ketubah texts in Israel

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