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Ketubah Design Galleries

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Looking to see even more photos of each ketubah design to help you pick the perfect artwork for you?

Below you can find the extensive design galleries for each ketubah, in alphabetical order, which include photos of the artwork at gorgeous weddings all over the world! 

Autumn Fall Leaves Ketubah_edited.jpg

Autumn Splendor

A vibrant autumn foliage ketubah design with gold leaf detail.


An elegant pomegranate ketubah design.

Pomegranate watercolor beloved ketubah_edited.jpg
Blue galaxy watercolor ketubah

Blue Galaxy

A deep blue galaxy ketubah design.

Blue Leaves

A vibrant ombre blue leaves ketubah design.

blue leaves watercolor ketubah
Blue Rhapsody Rose Watercolor Ketubah

Blue Rhapsody

A bright blue roses ketubah design with gold detail.

Elm Tree

A woven green elm tree ketubah design.

elm tree watercolor ketubah
Enchanted white flower ketubah_edited.jpg


A white florals and roped wood ketubah design.


A hamsa galaxy design with gold ketubah detail.

Eternity chamsa galaxy watercolor ketubah
Eucalyptus watercolor ketubah


An elegant eucalyptus leaves ketubah design.


A vibrant pink floral ketubah design with gold detail.

Everlasting ketubah
Forest watercolor ketubah_edited.jpg


A deep misty forest ketubah design.


A blue hamsa floral ketubah design.

Blue flower chamsa watercolor ketubah_edited.jpg
fruits Israel watercolor ketubah_edited.jpg


A seven-species star of David ketubah design.


A deep blue abstract ketubah design with gold detail.

lagoon abstract blue watercolor ketubah
Lavender ketubah

Lavender Forget-me-not

A purple florals hamsa ketubah design.

Lemon Branch

A vibrant lemon branch ketubah design.

lemon branch

Midnight Lagoon

A dark blue abstract ketubah design with gold detail.

Nature's Gift

A detailed hamsa ketubah design with silver detail.

Nature's Gift Watercolor ketubah_edited.jpg
Ocean watercolor ketubah_edited.jpg


A deep blue abstract ketubah design.

Olive Wreath

An elegant olive branch ketubah design.