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For weddings taking place outside of Israel

Sunflower modern watercolor ketubah
Tree of life watercolor ketubah

For weddings taking place inside Israel

Galaxy watercolor modern ketubah
Blue lagoon abstract watercolor modern ketubah

Click here to read about the ketubah process, and here for ketubah texts.

Please note: if you are located in Israel, but getting married/transporting your ketubah for a wedding outside of Israel, please contact me first before you submit a form!

The Delicate Brush

Modern, elegant and vibrant watercolor ketubahs from Tel Aviv, shipped all over the world.

Timeless art to cherish for years to come,  your ketubah is a meaningful piece of jewish artwork to display in your home.

It is both a beautiful memento of your wedding day, and a piece of art combined.

Let's create your special ketubah together!

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