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Watercolor modern ketubahs

Modern Watercolor Ketubahs & Judaica Artwork

Hand-painted watercolor ketubahs and elegant fine-art prints for your special events, by artist Rachelle Tchiprout.


"The Delicate Brush" ships worldwide from Tel Aviv, Israel


A ketubah is an integral part of Jewish marriage, and dates back thousands of years. Stunning ancient decorative ketubahs have been found in all corners of the world.  


It is a delight to bring my own modern touch to this beautiful and meaningful tradition.

I am honored to have created hundreds of print and watercolor ketubahs for couples worldwide since late 2018. ​


Check out what they have to say, and some photos of the ketubahs in action:


Over 800 Ketubahs


Watch Your Ketubah

come to life

You can find hundreds of behind-the-scenes videos and photos over on my very-active instagram account!


Watch your ketubah come to life as it's painted in my sunny Tel Aviv studio.




An easy, stress-free


There's no reason why planning and ordering your ketubah should be anything other than a breeze! I am here to ensure every part of the process runs smoothly, and that you have your special and meaningful artwork as soon as possible.

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